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Two killed, eight injured outside a fast-food outlet near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Shopping District

Two were killed and at least eight were injured in what became known as the “Massacre of Chicago.”

The shooting took place around 10:40 a.m. local time on Thursday near Chicago Avenue and State Street, just a few blocks from the posh Magnificent Mile Shopping District in Windy City, police said. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that paramedics were seen running stretchers after stretchers under police tape at the scene of the bloodshed. The injured have been admitted to the local hospital in critical condition.

Mayor Laurie called the lightfoot shooting “A heinous act of violence” And said he had instructed police to set up specific posts for uniformed officers at the busy intersection where the incident took place on Thursday night and at the nearby Red Line subway station.

“Residents, commuters and others in the area must have peace of mind that this highly trafficked area is safe, and it is time to take more specific, firm action to address this area once and for all.” Lightfoot said. He added, “It’s just horrible and unacceptable that again, another tragedy happens because firearms are in the hands of people who just don’t care about their own lives or the lives of others.”

The deadliest U.S. city has the highest homicide record since the 1990s

The number of shootings in Chicago has increased by 66% in the last two years, reaching about 10 per day in 2021. There were about 800 homicides in the city last year, the highest total in a quarter of a century. Gun violence in downtown Chicago is even more horrific this year. Shots have risen 225% in the 18th district, including McDonald’s, where there were widespread casualties on Thursday night.

Police said a suspect from the latest mass shootings is in custody and a handgun was recovered at the scene. The identity of the accused gunman or the deceased was not known. Authorities also did not list the age of the victims, but Sun-Times eyewitness accounts suggest they were minors.

“When the first fight started, we were right next to them.” An 18-year-old woman told the newspaper. “We had to run because I didn’t want anyone to swing at me.” He added that after fleeing to a nearby convenience store, “We turn around, and they just go shooting, shooting like crazy.”

Faced with the fact that their policies are destroying American cities and killing thousands of people, Dames gives the usual answer: 'Shut up, racist!'

Another visitor told the Sun-Times that family members of the victims had difficulty getting information from police and hospitals. “These victims have mothers.” He said.

Officers responded to the shooting scene by blocking the streets around McDonald’s, forcing them to fight more in the crowd. The window glass of the restaurant was reportedly broken during the shooting.

About 40 minutes after the McDonald’s shooting, two men shot at each other in a gunfight less than a mile away, police said. The 29- and 32-year-olds opened fire after an argument. Both were admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

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