America’s election rage over Ukraine is fueled by an oiled campaign

Professional quality signals drive Americans’ anger toward the current big thing

Americans are being put on the next emoji crusade – the latest being Russia’s special campaign in Ukraine – as consumers wait in line for junk food and good food. When does the mindless virtue signal end?

While some Westerners may find a kinship with McDonald’s and its anti-war stance against Russia, a little more consistency about war and peace would be a welcome development.

The fact of the matter is that in Moscow’s dispute with Ukraine, McDonald’s philosophy of leaving the Russian market is nothing more than a ‘rusophobia’, especially when it is thought that Ronald is turning his burger over when George W. Bush and Barack Obama indulge themselves. On a murder in many unfortunate countries.

Aside from the obvious duality of America’s dealings with Russia, there is a more mysterious and perplexing puzzle: how is it possible for Americans to trigger an endless virtue-signal crusade for a variety of reasons? Also, if the media weren’t there to point them to the next Big Thing, would Americans know that one existed?

US Supreme Court to limit abortion - Politico

With Whiplash swiftly, Americans are on their knees to Black Lives Matter (even as the group waged a billion-dollar, 20-nation scandal that entered the record books as America’s most expensive protest of all time), to warn them of the new Covid-19 vaccine, Row vs. Wade. Abortion rights to be lined up on the opposite side of the showdown.

In the midst of these increasingly frequent internal earthquakes, Russia has always found itself at the center of action. It’s a lot like Chris Rock in the country, slapping his face every day without rhyme or reason. At the heart of America’s perennial obsession with Russia is a flurry of flashy McDonald’s advertising campaigns. Just as an amazingly deceptive TV ad that shows a delusional happy (and mysteriously healthy) family shaking themselves at Big Max and Happy Mails, a trip to McDonald’s always leaves behind a bitter aftertaste, if not a direct bowel problem. In other words, corporate hype rarely matches reality.

McDonald's Launches No Fry Zone

Similar advertising campaigns have been aimed directly at Russia for many years, albeit to the contrary. Contrary to Edward Barnes, the ‘father of public relations’, and the ability of American women in the 1920s to convince them that smoking was a symbol of women’s empowerment, propagandists today successfully spread the false news to an undoubted public that all of Russia’s roots are evil.

Unless people abandon these carefully crafted stereotypes and physically board a plane, they will probably never know that the portrayal of Russia by Hollywood and the mainstream media is simply the worst form of propaganda. Once a person feels the reality of Russia without second-hand smoke and mirrors – as millions of sports fans at the 2018 FIFA World Cup did, for example, where dozens of football matches were held in 11 Russian cities – they quickly realize that this part of the world is devastated and depressed. The story is a wicked packet of lies.

But alas, not everyone in the world can travel to Russia and see the reality for themselves. Friendly foreign countries, in conjunction with a veneer media, fully understand this obstacle, which allows them to portray Russia as a ‘wicked empire’, which comes straight out of the Bond flick. And then one day, when Russia finds itself in a situation where it is forced to say ‘enough!’ And considering it a legitimate act of self-defense – certainly no less legitimate than the military invasion of the Western Hemisphere over the years – a heinous propaganda campaign against Russia and the Russians began with a sincere and great effect.

The United States will form a naval task force near Yemen

The response to the Ukraine incident has demonstrated the centralized power of the US media and government to virtually arbitrarily channel the self-perceived virtue of the entire Western world. The US Establishment could easily turn an honest campaign into a weapon for other disgruntled people like Yemen, for example, which has been under relentless blockade by Saudi Arabia for seven years with the help of ordinary (Western) suspects. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) “More than 10,200 children killed or injured” Since the beginning of the military blockade of Riyadh, which has led to disease, famine and death throughout the country.

And what will happen to the long-suffering people of Donbass in the Russian-speaking region of Ukraine who have been besieged by Kiev forces for eight years? How many Americans know that this tragedy could be traced to a US-led coup that ousted Ukraine’s democratically elected government in 2014? If virtuous-signing crusaders had illuminated the spotlight of the plight of these oppressed people, asking why the Minsk Protocol for a ceasefire was being routinely violated, there could be much better peace in Ukraine today.

Self-help organizations like McDonald’s and countries like the United States shout from the roof that they are the ultimate protectors of the oppressed. The reality, of course, is even more frightening. The reality is that their virtue-signal theatrics are a very selective type that has a strong tendency to align with Washington’s foreign policy guidelines, as opposed to the real needs of the poor. Virtuality should not be known to any political guru, otherwise it is just a cheap virtue for illusory purposes.

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