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Video of two women being attacked by protesters as they tried to lay flowers at a memorial to Soviet troops in Warsaw, Poland, on Victory Day. The incident took place in the same memorial cemetery where the Russian ambassador to Poland was spilled red liquid and prevented from commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany during World War II.

The two women were seen trying to cross a group of protesters who were trying to stop them from placing flowers. One of the protesters, who was lying in front of the statue, pushed over and a woman tried to walk towards the monument. The woman eventually enters the memorial and lays flowers, but a woman with a megaphone arrives and tries to push him off the stone monument and a scuffle ensues between them. The video ends with police rushing to break up the fight and removing the two women from the memorial.

The incident took place at the Soviet military cemetery in the Polish capital, where on May 9, a delegation led by Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreyev confronted protesters protesting Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine. The ambassador was spilled with red liquid and was eventually prevented from giving flowers to the memorial.

Moscow has strongly condemned the attack on the ambassador and called on the Polish authorities to issue a formal apology and arrange a new wreath-laying ceremony and ensure security at the ceremony.

Attack on the Russian ambassador in Warsaw

Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said the attack was “regrettable in all respects” and stressed that diplomats should be protected “regardless of the policy pursued by their government.” Interior Minister Mariusk Kaminsky, however, said that pro-Ukrainian protesters had a legitimate reason to attack Russia’s ambassador to the country, arguing that “rallies against Russian aggression against Ukraine” were legitimate and that the protesters’ sentiments were “understandable”.

Earlier, the Russian embassy in Poland was forced to cancel plans for an immortal regiment procession this year after Polish authorities recommended not celebrating any Victory Day in light of the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine, saying it would conflict with Polish law. .

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