Biden condemns ‘poison’ of white supremacy in Buffalo – RT World News

The president proposed filling the “poison” of racism with gun control and Internet censorship

President Joe Biden on Tuesday condemned a racially motivated attack on a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. “Simple and Simple Terrorism,” And condemned the racist worldview of the shooter.

Biden spoke in Buffalo after meeting with the families of 10 shoppers and employees killed by a teenage gunman at a grocery store on Saturday. The gunman, who was captured alive, live-streamed the violence and posted a 180-page manifesto online detailing his white supremacist views. Three others were injured, and 11 of the 13 bullets were black.

“We have to refuse to live in a country where black people visiting a weekly grocery store can be shot and killed by weapons of war for a racist reason.” Biden announcement, with “Weapons of War” Refers to the AR-15 style rifle used by the gunman.

“What happened here is simple and straightforward.” He continued. “Terrorism. Domestic Terrorism “

Buffalo shooters draw from the same concept as Western-backed Ukrainian neo-Nazis

Biden said the United States must be held accountable “Weapons of Attack on Our Streets” And addresses “The relentless exploitation of the Internet to recruit and organize terrorists.” Gun control and Internet censorship are two policy proposals that the Biden administration has been pushing for since its inauguration last year, despite limited success.

Biden addressed the content of the shooter’s manifesto, especially his emphasis on white people “Replaced” By non-white immigrants to the United States.

Being blamed for the shooting “Hate through the media and politics and the Internet that falsely believe angry, isolated, lost and isolated people that they will be replaced … by people who are not like them.” Biden has announced “I don’t just reject lies, I call on all Americans to reject lies.”

The idea of ​​a ‘Great Replacement’ was also mentioned in the manifesto of Brenton Tarant, who killed 51 people in two New Zealand mosques in 2019. Although it is often described as a racist “Conspiracy Theory” The white population in the United States is actually shrinking compared to non-whites, and this fact has been celebrated by liberal scholars and Biden himself.

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The supermarket genocide has been investigated as a hate crime

The shooter’s manifesto also includes the symbol ‘Sonenrad’ or ‘Black Sun’, which is used by the Azov Regiment of the Ukrainian military and is referred to as neo-Nazi. “Symbol of Hate” By the Jewish Advocacy Group.

Biden was not the only political leader to shoot for the hatred spread by scholars and politicians. Former Republican Conference chairwoman Liz Cheney and Republican Adam Kinzinger, both of whom regularly vote with Democrats, blame fellow Republicans, accusing Cheney House of activating the GOP leadership. “White nationalism, white supremacy and anti-Semitism.”

However, Alex Degrass, a senior adviser to current chair of the Republican Conference Alice Stefanik, called it an attempt to blame the GOP. “A new disgusting low for the Left, their ally of Trump and the psychophantic stenographers in the media.”

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