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Republican delegates point to the administration’s own policies that have led to price increases

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), average gas prices in the United States are expected to reach 6 per gallon by August.

During a Senate hearing Thursday, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granhome was pressured by Republican Senator Josh Howley from Missouri about record high gas prices, questioning what the Biden administration plans to do to reduce costs.

“I’m sure you saw the reporting this morning.” Howley said, “The AAA estimates that by August, gas prices will reach a national average of $ 6 per gallon. Is that acceptable to you?”

“No, it’s not.” Granholm North, added that “You can thank Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine and dragging us out.”

“Nonsense,” Howley interrupted. “With all due respect, Madam Secretary, this is nonsense.”

Howley explained that prices had already begun to rise before Russia invaded Ukraine, and that they had been rising steadily since August.

“In January 2021, the average gas price in my state was $ 2.07. Eight months later, long before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, prices rose by more than 30 percent and have continued to rise ever since. “

He then pressured the secretary on what the administration was planning to do in terms of policies that would reduce the country’s own energy supply and throttle oil and gas production.

Granhome tried to stop it, saying that Biden’s policies were not responsible for affecting supply and demand. Introduced since taking charge.

Here’s what your president did when he first came into office. Howley said. “He immediately re-entered the Paris Climate Agreement, he canceled the Keystone pipeline, he stopped leasing activities at ANWR, he issued all new oil and gas leases and a 60-day break in drilling permits on federal land and waters … US oil production Responsible for 25 percent. He instructed federal agencies to drop all aid efforts for fossil fuels, he imposed new rules on oil and gas and methane emissions; they were in the first few days! Are you telling me that this is on our energy supply? No effect? ​​”

Americans are paying record prices at the pump

The Secretary of Energy then attempted to point to a survey, which claimed that most oil and gas executives believed that Biden’s policies were in place. “It has nothing to do with rising oil prices” But Howley intervened again, claiming that he had no interest in the opinions of these people and was only interested in the truth.

“Is this your testimony? Are you swearing to me that these policies have no effect? ​​” Howley was questioned, saying Granholm’s answers were insulting and demanded a clear answer on what the administration was doing to reduce gas prices.

Grahanlum responded with a vague statement about the US Department of Energy “Call to increase supply” And it has asked domestic and international oil and gas producers to increase their production, but has not provided any specific information on how that process is actually being conducted.

The heated exchange came as the national average price of regular gallons of gasoline reached $ 4,589 in the United States on Thursday morning, surpassing the record set just a few days earlier. Washington has insisted that rising prices are the fault of Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Joe Biden, as well as other US officials who have repeatedly called it a “Putin price hike.”

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