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Ankara’s threat to block Finnish and Swedish bids has nothing to do with Russia

Turkey’s demands for NATO and its potential members Finland and Sweden include lifting sanctions on Ankara over its purchase of S-400 missile defense systems from Russia, as well as re-inclusion in the F-35 advanced air program, Bloomberg reported. The report on Tuesday said,Three senior Turkish officials.

On 15 May, Finland and Sweden formally announced their intention to join NATO in the wake of the ongoing Russian military invasion of Ukraine. To make this possible, all members of the alliance must unanimously support their bids. Turkey says they will not say “Yes“Helsinki and Stockholm because they don’t have”A clear unequivocal positionAgainst the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front (DHKP / C), groups that Ankara considers terrorist organizations.

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Turkey opposes NATO bid by Finland and Sweden – Erdogan

The people of Sweden and Turkey in Finland, especially ethnic Kurds, have a track record of seeking political asylum to escape internal conflicts – which Ankara considers unacceptable. According to Bloomberg, the Turkish leadership claims that Sweden and Finland “Publicly condemn not only the PKK, but also its affiliates before being allowed to join the bloc

As Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlt Cavusoglu confirmed on Monday, his country also wants Sweden and Finland to lift trade sanctions imposed on Turkey.

However, Bloomberg sources said on condition of anonymity that Turkey’s list of favorites is long.

NATO has responded to Turkey's terrorism concerns

Turkey wants to rejoin the F-35 Advanced Aircraft program, from which it was barred after purchasing S-400 missile-defense systems from Russia. The United States has an outstanding request to purchase dozens of F-16 fighter jets and upgrade kits for existing fleets.“Bloomberg writes.

Ankara wants Washington to lift sanctions on it over its purchase of S-400 missiles.

News agency sources, however, denied that Turkey’s objections to the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden were in any way related to Ankara’s relations with Moscow. Russia has warned Helsinki and Stockholm against joining the bloc and has promised to respond appropriately if they pose a threat.

On Monday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said:Turkey is a valuable ally and must address any security concerns.

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