Brazil’s Bolsonaro has accused a Supreme Court judge of abuse of power

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RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court alleging abuse of power by one of his judges, marking the latest escalation of the conflict between the far-right leader and the apex court.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, targets Justice Alexandre de Moraes, who is overseeing an investigation into whether Bolsonaro’s most ardent allies are running a social media network aimed at spreading threats and fake news against Supreme Court justices.

In his accusation, Bolsonaro accuses De Mores of slowing down the investigation of fake news and tarnishing his image in an election year.

The allegations also have a broader political context: De Morris will chair the nation’s electoral authority in the upcoming elections, while Bolsonaro will seek a second term and the president has repeatedly questioned whether the vote will be fair.

Bolsonaro began showing hostility to the Supreme Court in 2019 as he began investigating so-called fake news. He has been at loggerheads with the courts since the beginning of the epidemic, when judges ruled that mayors and governors have the power to impose slow limits. Spread of the virus;

Bolsonaro was a staunch opponent of lockdowns and other restrictions. Last year, he called on the Senate to take action against De Morace and threatened to overturn any ruling.

“Yes (fake news) the investigation is being unreasonably extended to the detriment of those being investigated, as there is no partial report of the investigation even after more than 36 months. Or, there is partial reporting and justification for proceeding with the investigation which is being hidden from the defense (attorney), ”the complaint said.

Bolsonaro’s lawyer also questioned the legitimacy of including the president in the investigation. Bolsonaro was included after hosting a live broadcast on social media where he competed on the reliability of electronic voting machines. He has repeatedly sown doubts about the voting system, although he has never presented any evidence of fraud.

Luiz Claudio Araujo, a law professor at Ibmec University, said the Supreme Court could either open an internal investigation, which the police would do, send the complaint to the attorney general’s office for review or ignore the complaint.

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