CDC officials warn of homosexual and bisexual men as monkeypox spreads

A portion of the skin tissue, collected from a wound on the skin of a monkey infected with the monkeypox virus, was found in 1968 on the fourth day of the rash development, an increase of 50X.

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On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned gay and bisexual men that monkeypox seems to be spreading in the global community, warning people to be careful if they have close contact with anyone who could be infected with the virus. For symptoms.

Dr. John Brooks, a CDC official, stressed that anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can be infected with monkeypox through close personal contact. However, Brooks says that so far the majority of victims worldwide are men who have been identified as gay or bisexual.

Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease that usually passes through semen or vaginal fluid. The virus is spread through contact with body fluids and wounds, Brooks said. It is important for physicians and individuals to be aware of the symptoms associated with monkeypox, especially rectal or genital lesions that may be confused with herpes, syphilis or chickenpox, he said.

The United States has confirmed one case of monkeypox in Massachusetts and four cases of orthopedics in New York City, Florida and Utah, according to Dr. Jennifer McQueston, a CDC official. State labs have tests that can detect orthopedics, which are thought to be monkeypox, but they need to be sent to the Atlanta CDC for further analysis to confirm the diagnosis, McQueston said.

McQueston said the cases identified in the United States are a mild strain in West Africa. He said that most people who are infected with the virus recover within two to four weeks without any specific treatment.

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