Cyprus enhances evacuation skills

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Nicosia, Cyprus – Seven countries, including the United States, France, Italy, Israel and Greece, have participated in multiple exercises in and around Cyprus designed to evacuate civilians from conflict zones and conduct offshore rescue operations. Because of the war in Ukraine.

For the first time, Egypt took part in the annual exercise on Friday with its own military, when Saudi Arabia sent a delegation of observers to “Argonet 2022”, which Cyprus considered the most important civilian eviction exercise. In this world.

Cypriot Defense Minister Charalambos Petraeus told foreign officials that the participating countries had taken part in a plan to massively evacuate civilians fleeing the crisis in neighboring countries.

“Cyprus is located in an area of ​​perpetual unrest and instability and there is always the possibility of a conflict or crisis,” Petraeus said.

“Therefore, we must be vigilant, capable and ready for the convenience of our friends and allies to deal with the crisis and provide safe shelter for the victims.”

Cypriot authorities and foreign embassies have sent an additional 15 delegations to monitor the coordination efforts of foreign embassies to facilitate the possible arrival of foreign nationals in the main port of Limassol, Cyprus.

Cypriot officials have described the eastern Mediterranean island as a “serious maritime accident” off the south coast of the country, which has turned into a search and rescue operation in imitation of ships and aircraft.

First held 15 years ago, the practice took place this year after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Cyprus briefly hosted more than 35,000 foreign nationals in 2006 when Israel launched a ground offensive in its southern neighbor to drive out Hezbollah forces.

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