Davos is back but participants need to be vaccinated and tested

The World Economic Forum is returning to Davos in May after canceling previous meetings due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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In the weeks following the two-year coronavirus-induced break, the rich, famous and most powerful are back at the Alpine Retreat in Davos, Switzerland, which forced online economic pawns.

And this year’s edition of the World Economic Forum, being held in January and May, looks like a very different possibility.

To begin with, participants must be vaccinated against Covid-19. To participate in the five-day event, they need to be tested both before and after arriving in the city.

Of the 3,000 participants in January 2020, about 2,500 are expected to arrive in Davos next week, according to organizers.

Participants are considered to be fully vaccinated if they receive two doses and a third booster shot of all major vaccines designed to fight covid, including coronavirus from China, from Sinovac. Russia’s Sputnik vaccine is not among the recognized shots.

This year’s list of participants does not include any Russian government officials or companies, due to the Kremlin’s decision to invade neighboring Ukraine in February.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be one of the main topics at this year’s World Economic Forum. Towards the end of January 2021, President Vladimir Putin addressed an online audience.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will undoubtedly lead to many talks in the Swiss Alps, as business leaders and politicians discuss how to deal with the new world security system, high food prices and the inevitable restructuring of the Eastern European country.

“Davos needs to be big enough to focus on both agendas: a war in Europe but a global economic crisis,” Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, president of the Open Society Foundation and a Davos participant, told CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe. Friday.

Also, climate change and the (still ongoing) coronavirus epidemic will form some topics of discussion.

But there will be another interesting change in this year’s edition of Davos: the weather.

The traditional winter time of Davos means it usually stays in the background of snow-covered mountains and the temperature stays up to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

This year’s version, however, will be mainly with sunny spells and spring-like temperatures that are expected to be over 20 degrees Celsius.

Leave snow boots at home, and pack your sunscreen.

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