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A group involved in the Ecuadorian conflict has been blamed for casualties at another prison

Ecuador’s latest prison riots have killed 44 inmates and left more than 100 still at large, the country’s interior ministry confirmed on Monday.

According to Patricio Carrillo, head of the ministry, the tragedy at the Belavista prison in Santo Domingo, a province west of the capital, Quito, was caused by fighting between inmates of two rival gangs: Los Lobos, which was involved. The recent riots at another prison near the town of Cuenca and the R7.

Most of the deaths were due to stab wounds, Carillo said. He did not rule out the possibility that the death toll could rise further as several people were seriously injured. Authorities initially put the death toll at 41, but the number rose to 44 by Tuesday.

All the bodies are expected to be handed over to relatives on Tuesday.

Prison riots have killed 300 people, some bringing freedom

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso said in response to the news that his country “Don’t give up on the mafia.”

We are committed to restoring order in prisons. An example of this is the move by the Ministry of Interior and the Ecuadorian police to immediately transfer 6 leaders of the criminal gang.“She is OK.

The gang leaders have been transferred to two separate high security prisons. According to Carillo, 112 detainees have been recovered and 108 are still at large.

Over the past few years, the incidence of imprisonment in Ecuador has increased significantly. In 2021, at least 316 prisoners were killed in separate prison riots.

Last April, 20 people were reported killed in a clash at the Turi prison near the town of Cuenca.

The government cited the rise in drug trafficking as a factor contributing to the increase in violence in the country’s penal code, although prison overcrowding remains a significant problem despite increased state investment.

Last November, in another attempt to solve the problem, Lasso pardoned various classes of prisoners. The decision comes days after the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights issued a strong statement calling on Ecuadorian authorities.To take immediate and effective action to protect the right to life and personal integrity of all persons in state custody.

Ecuador’s 65 prisons hold about 39,000 prisoners, but their capacity is said to be only 30,000.

Belavista Prison has a capacity of 1,200 inmates but currently has 1,700 inmates.

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