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Kiev awaits answers to Brussels union membership questions, says EU commission chief

The future of Europe also belongs to Ukraine, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, To say Was added to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Monday “Next page” The history of the block will be written by the Ukrainians.

The head of the EU commission says Brussels is awaiting answers from Ukraine for its membership questions. Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Kyiv had submitted 5,000 pages of documents to the EU.

The commission aims to provide its opinion on the matter in June, von der Leyen tweeted.

However, French President Emmanuel Macron, who was present at the session of the European Parliament, warned that Kiev should not be expected to join the bloc quickly. “Although we gave them [Ukraine] The condition of the candidates tomorrow… we all know very well that the process of allowing them to join will take several years… decades. ” He said.

Ukraine - There is no EU fast-track for Austria

Earlier in May, a similar idea was expressed by Austrian EU Minister Caroline Edstadler, who said that Ukraine was less likely to join the EU. “In the next five to ten years.”

The French leader said he opposed the idea of ​​reducing the bloc “Strict” The standard only allows certain races to join soon. Instead, he suggested establishing another format that would involve those interested in joining the EU and, in the apparent reference to the UK, countries that have already left it.

“It is our historic obligation … to create what I will describe to you today as a European political community,” Macron said, this new Dr. “Organization” Will allow “Democratic European countries” To cooperate in politics, security, energy, transport, investment and infrastructure. The French president argued that the EU could not be the only organizing body in Europe, “Given its level of integration and ambition.” However, he did not elaborate on the format of the new organization.

Both Macron and Von der Leyen have spoken out in favor of changing the EU agreement. “We need to reform the text – that’s clear.” The President of France. Von der Leyen argued “Consensus Vote” It has to become a thing of the past “If we want to go fast,” From it “No more money” In certain areas.

The idea, however, drew criticism from EU members, who said it was not the time “Institutional Discussions,” And any possible contract change is called “Indiscriminate and premature.” Opponents of the move include Denmark, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states.

Ukraine submitted the first part of the questionnaire in mid-April. When evaluating membership bids, the European Commission evaluates everything from the country’s economic performance to the legal system, including environmental regulations and agricultural practices. This process could take decades – Turkey, for example, has been a candidate since 1999

Full membership also depends on the unanimous consent of the EU member states.

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