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Former Facebook moderator Daniel Motang has filed a lawsuit against Meta, the parent company of the social media giant, and its African subcontractor Summer, alleging in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday that the company “Current and former content moderators are victims of forced labor and human trafficking for labor.

Facebook moderators have called the work situation 'mental torture'

Motang claims he was fired in 2019 for trying to organize a strike and unite summer workers. The subcontractor, he complained, had a “Fraudulent recruitment process“Call center jobs through advertising that have become content moderation jobs – including all exposure to psychologically harmful content.

Various details for the position of a content moderator (call center agent, agent and content moderator) are designed to deceive and deceive unsuspecting applicants into becoming a Facebook content moderator without their knowledge.Motang’s lawyers have stated in their filing thatApplicants who responded to the ‘agent’s’ call were particularly deceived

Sama not only failed to provide adequate mental health support to staff, it was deliberately a “Toxic work environmentThe filing of the complaint, which barred moderators from broadcasting their complaints to third parties, including Meta employees, was met. Employees’ screen time and movement during work were tracked using Meter software and were denied.Unplanned breaks as needed, especially after exposure to graphic content“Receive one hour instead”Wellness break“Every week – when some employees report”Beg“To accept.

Employees of the Nairobi-based site were attracted from across Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Somalia, as well as South Africa from Motang, and learned the true nature of their work after signing the contract and relocating – meaning if they find the real nature of work very annoying. But they can’t just go back home.

An exposure by the Summer Content Moderation Center published in Time Magazine reveals that the company has given the lowest rate to any meta subcontractor – reportedly as low as $ 1.50 per hour – and when the company raises employees’ salaries in response, its PR issues persist. More than a month ago he threatened to sue if Sama did not make serious improvements to his staff.

Meta wants to distance itself from the company, announcing that its partners “Provide industry-leading salaries, benefits and supportOn the other hand, Sama Motang has denied any wrongdoing in his departure. The company claims he had a job. “Terminated due to unacceptable action taken against co-workers which threatens their safety“And stressed that the process was”Fair, clean, and well documented

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Summer moderators threatened to strike in the summer of 2019 if they did not receive better pay and working conditions, but instead of negotiating with employees, the company flew two high-flying flights from the United States. “Deal“The coup – a process that ended with Motang’s dismissal and his actions turned the relationship between Sama and Facebook (now Meta) into”Big risk“Instead of facing similar consequences, the other strikers return to work.

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