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New polls suggest increasingly dark private finances for Germans in the face of sanctions against Russia. This trend has been echoed in France and Spain, though less severely, as the European Union struggles to restructure its economy to punish Moscow.

More than half of Germans say they are poorer than a year ago, an 11-point increase from the first package of EU measures to punish Russia for invading Ukraine, according to a survey by the global decision-making intelligence agency Morning Consult in February and May. Published.

A survey of nearly 1,000 Germans from April 27 to May 3 found that 53% reported worse financial conditions than a year earlier. In a previous vote on February 23-27, only 36% of respondents said the same thing as Moscow launched its military campaign.

Meanwhile, only 38% answered that their financial picture has not changed since last year, down from 51% in February. Less than 1 in 10 people say their condition has improved or they have no opinion.

EU states have failed to agree on Russia's oil embargo

Surveys in France and Spain have repeated the disappointing trend: a poll of approximately 1,000 respondents in this country found that 47% and 48%, respectively, said their finances were unfavorable compared to a year earlier, an increase of 11 points in both cases. At the same time, those reporting that their financial situation has not changed have declined by 5 points in Spain and 10 points in France.

In a separate poll on May 5-10, less than half (45%) of respondents approved sending more weapons to conflict-torn Ukraine, with 38% opposing. When it comes to Russian power supplies, a significant 32% of respondents support sanctions only if they do not cause inflation, while those who support or oppose them in any situation stand at 40% and 14%, respectively.

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