First Lady Jill Biden visits Panama in Latin America

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PANAMA CITY – U.S. First Lady Jill Biden arrived in Panama on Friday, her second stop on a three-nation tour of Latin America ahead of next month’s U.S. summit in Los Angeles.

Biden landed in Panama City around noon and went straight to the presidential palace for a meeting with Panamanian First Lady Yasmin Colon.

The two first ladies were scheduled to visit a school near Cologne’s “Learn to Watch and Listen” program, which provides spectacles and hearing aids for students – and provides spectacles and hearing aids as needed.

Biden came from Ecuador, where he emphasized the close ties between American countries and how one’s economic or political situation could influence others.

The Biden administration is trying to speed up the region ahead of next month’s US summit, but has faced pushbacks over its reluctance to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to participate.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said last week that he would not join if the countries were left out.

Biden said he wanted to sign a regional declaration on immigration and protection at the summit. The United States is talking to governments across the region about controlling immigration flows and encouraging some countries to host more asylum seekers to reduce pressure on the U.S. border.

Panama is an important transit country for migrants traveling from South America to the United States. They pass through the dense jungles of the Darren Gap that divide Panama and Colombia.

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