Former Indian FM explains why Quad ignored Ukraine

Russia is not a threat to the region and India wants to remain neutral, Kanwal Sibal told RT

India “Existing” Former Foreign Minister Kanwal Sibal told RT to confirm that Russia was not mentioned or condemned in the joint statement with the United States, Japan and Australia on the conflict in Ukraine. Sibal explained that the eyes of the quad should be on the Indo-Pacific and that New Delhi has no dispute with Moscow.

Leaders of the Quartet Security Dialogue issued a joint statement after the summit in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday. The statement focused primarily on security issues in the South China Sea and Asia, and briefly referred to Ukraine as one. “Tragic collision” And a “Humanitarian Crisis” All four leaders discussed their response.

Quad leaders mentioned “Respect for Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity” But he did not condemn or name Moscow.

Sibal, a veteran diplomat who served as India’s foreign minister from 2001 to 2002, told RT on Tuesday that it was not an accidental oversight.

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India wants to remove Western resources in Russia – Media

“Russia is not a threat to the stability and security of Indo-Pacific countries.”He explained. So bringing Russia or Ukraine into conflict … would be a problem because at least India would not accept such an Indo-Pacific agenda. “

India continues to invest in Russia’s Far East and continues to buy Russian oil, a separate statement from the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework on Monday – a coalition of 13 Pacific nations called by the US – made no mention of Ukraine or Russia.

India is in these two statements “Ukraine or Russia are not allowed to be included in any condemnation … except to mention the humanitarian situation.” Sibal continued.

A meeting between US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Tokyo on Tuesday was condemned in a White House readout. “Russia’s irrational war against Ukraine” By Biden, Modi has not made any such announcement.

“India has not said anything about Ukraine, not at all.” Sibal said about the bilateral statement. About Quads Communications, he added that “India’s position prevails and we will not accept any condemnation of Russia or any negative mention of Russia.”

As a founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement during the Cold War, India armed its military with Soviet weapons, without allying itself with the USSR. According to some analysts, to date 85% of the major Indian armaments systems are of Russian or Soviet descent and in military, economic and political matters, New Delhi and Moscow still formally describe their relationship as one. “Special and privileged strategic partnerships.”

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File photo.  The Indian Air Force conducted a full dress rehearsal to celebrate the 88th Indian Air Force Day.  মাধ্যমে Through Sanjeev Verma / Hindustan Times Getty Images
America wants to keep India away from Russia – Bloomberg

While the United States has offered India new weapons and asked Biden Modi not to increase Russia’s oil purchases, the White House has so far failed to bring New Delhi to the board with sanctions against Moscow or formal condemnation of Russia’s military action. Ukraine.

Here “No question” India is imposing sanctions on Russia, Sibal said, adding “Russia has never approved us in history, but the West has approved us year after year.”

“India will abide by any sanctions approved by the UN Security Council.” He concludes. “That brief, no. India will not. “

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