German Airlines has been accused of booting all Jewish passengers from flights – RT World.

Even those who obeyed the rules were removed from the plane just to pretend to be Jewish, the passengers claim

Some Orthodox Jewish travelers were expelled from Lufthansa Airlines while stopping in Frankfurt, while others were accused of violating the requirements of his mask. Some passengers insisted they obeyed the rules and were removed only for their religious identities, while non-Jewish passengers were allowed to go their way.

During a stopover in Frankfurt on a connecting flight from New York to Budapest last week, several Jewish passengers were prevented from boarding the plane again by Lufthansa Airlines staff, who claimed that some people did not wear masks during the last flight from NYC’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Footage captured by a passenger during a heated exchange with an airline employee on Wednesday, the employee is heard to say “Everyone has to pay for a couple,” Mention those who disregarded the need for masks, and this “It simply came to our notice then. The Jews who did the filth, who created the problems. “

In response, the confused passenger demanded to speak to a supervisor, “Because it’s 2022, it’s a Western country, and there’s a lot of anti-Semitic history around the world, and it’s horrible. It’s incredible. “ He added “Why do Jews pay for other people’s crimes?”

According to the Times of Israel, many travelers were on an annual pilgrimage to visit the grave of a revered rabbi, Isaiah Steiner, who was buried in a village in northern Hungary.

Speaking to travel website DansDeals, which first reported the story, passenger David Landou said that several passengers on a flight from New York belonged to a larger group traveling together. Landou noted, however, that he and his wife were not part of any group, as was the case with other Jewish passengers on the plane.

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After a previous flight from JFK with problems with mask compliance, Landou said the stop at Frankfurt was longer than expected because the plane did not start boarding after 10 minutes of its scheduled departure time. He added that the airline then started paging individual passengers by name and only those “Apparently not Jewish” The board was allowed to.

Another passenger, identified as Chuni Rosen, said he was asked if he was “Groups from NYC” After being paged by the staff, and replying that he was alone and booked his own ticket. However, he told the travel site that he wore a distinctive Jewish dress during the conversation, and by then he was able to remove the dress and return with his bag, “The gate was closed and he could not get on the flight.”

“If you think you have to punish those who do not comply, then so be it. But you can’t just punish an entire nation because we all look the same. “ Another passenger, Ushar Shik, told New York Jewish Week that most of the people on board did not know each other.

Deported passengers were also reportedly prevented from booking another ticket to Hungary for the full 24 hours.

In a statement obtained by DansDeals, Lufthansa confirmed that a “A large group of passengers” Was removed from the flight “Because passengers refused to wear the legally mandatory mask (medical mask) on board.”

“For legal reasons we cannot disclose the number of guests involved in this incident, but Lufthansa has re-booked guests on the next available flight to their final destination,” he said. The company added. “A prerequisite for transportation is that travelers adhere to the mask mandate, which is a legal requirement.”

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