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An Israeli man in his 30s has been admitted to a hospital in Tel Aviv on suspicion of possessing the country’s first monkeypox virus. He traveled to Western Europe, where he was recently diagnosed with dozens of rare diseases. Israel’s health ministry confirmed on Thursday that it was taking precautions against the spread of the virus.

Rare monkeypox outbreak: all you need to know

The patient’s condition is reported to be good and he is being kept in isolation and is being monitored at Ichilov Hospital. The health ministry has asked Israelis returning from abroad with fever or blisters to contact their doctor.

Monkeypox initially manifests as flu-like symptoms such as muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes and fatigue, followed by chickenpox-like rash with pus on the hands and face. It is similar to chickenpox and chickenpox, with symptoms appearing within one to two weeks of infection. Those who become infected usually recover within a few weeks.

Rare cases of the virus have been reported in at least eight European countries, with most of the men having sex with men attending the STD clinic. As of Friday, there had been 20 reported cases in the UK, which led to the outbreak. “UrgentThe virus has also been confirmed in France, Germany and Belgium. Spain and Portugal confirmed the cases on Wednesday, while infected people also arrived in Sweden and Italy.

The United States reported its first case earlier this week to a man from Massachusetts who recently traveled to Canada. Canada itself has reported two confirmed and 17 suspected cases, and the disease has been reported as far away as Australia.

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The United States has purchased millions of vaccine doses for the dangerous virus

Several more suspected cases are being investigated, and the U.S. government has purchased millions of doses of the Smallpox vaccine, which was approved for use against monkeypox in 2019. Although the virus is incurable, the U.S. Department of Defense has signed a 7.5 million contract for the doses. The antiviral drug Tecovirimet last week.

The WHO is reported to have held an emergency meeting on Friday about the monkeypox, which aims to find out how the disease is spreading from its native West Africa, despite the fact that it has been found in most cases among people who have not traveled to the region recently.

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