Latest Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Update

The hard-fought, brutal war for control of a key Ukrainian port city is over, Russia claims victory and Ukraine is negotiating surrender. Before the country, a strong base of Ukraine bound itself for Russian invasion.

Here is the latest information from some of the main battlefields across Ukraine:

Mariupol: The last Ukrainian fighters surrendered on Monday in the southeastern port city, marking the end of the bloodiest, most drawn-out war in history. The fate of the troops on Tuesday was unclear, however, as about 260 were evacuated to Russian-controlled territory. Mariupol’s surrender through negotiations gave Moscow one of its few major regional victories.

Severodonetsk: Home to a pre-war population of about 100,000, this city in the Luhansk region is still the most eastern part of Ukraine. Russia wants full control of Donbass, including the Donetsk region, which analysts say could be Moscow’s next major target. Ukraine’s military command said on Tuesday that Russia had launched attacks on villages near the city, but had not yet made significant progress.

Elsewhere in Donbass: The Ukrainian military on Tuesday reported shelling of 45 settlements in the east, damaging residential buildings, industrial facilities and a school. The Post could not independently verify the strike, which left eight civilians dead and four others injured. This part of the territory, where Russia has a strong presence, has seen the most fierce fighting in the war.

Sumi region: The northeastern region shares a border with Russia and on Tuesday, Ukraine’s Northern Military Command reported heavy shelling on the border, the number of more than 70 artillery attacks. Military officials also say that Ukrainian border guards have thwarted a Russian attempt to enter Ukraine through the Ukrainian border.

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