Latest Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Update

Due to Ukrainian resistance and organizational problems, Russian troops are now attacking smaller units, the Pentagon said on Wednesday, as a sign that they are pushing back their battlefield ambitions. Meanwhile, in Mariupol, local officials warned of a possible environmental catastrophe in the devastated Azvestal industrial complex.

Here is the latest information from some of the main battlefields across Ukraine:

Mariupol: Local officials have warned of a possible “environmental catastrophe” during the siege of Russia’s Azovstal steel plant. They say the thousands of tons of toxic chemicals stored there could spread to the Azov Sea and later to the Black and Mediterranean Seas. The mayor of the city immediately called for the admission of international experts and UN officials to the site to avoid disaster.

Donetsk region: Russian forces killed 10 civilians, including two children, in the eastern region on Wednesday, the region’s governor Pavlo Kirilenko said in a telegram messaging app. He said it was “impossible to determine” the exact number of dead in Mariupol, on the southern edge of the region.

Luhansk region: The region was without electricity, according to its governor Serhi Haidai, because power lines were cut during the war and a major substation was damaged. According to local officials, concerns are also being raised about water supply, with some areas going without water for more than a week.

Kyiv region: As of Wednesday, authorities had found the bodies of 1,288 civilians killed by Russian forces during the occupation of towns and villages in the Kyiv region in the early stages of the conflict, regional police chief Andrei Niyabitov told local media in a television interview. The post failed to verify the number, which appears to have increased since April.

Alex Horton and Reyes Thebalt contributed to this report.

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