MonkeyPix quarantine is unnecessary in the United States, Biden says

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TOKYO – President Biden on Monday said he did not believe a quarantine would be needed in the United States to prevent the spread of monkeypox, saying adequate vaccine doses were available to fight the spread of any serious disease.

Belgium has become the first country to impose a segregation on its inhabitants because of the monkeypox, infecting those infected for 21 days.

In the United States, however, Biden said at a news conference Monday after meeting with Kishida that “I don’t think it’s reached the level of concern that exists with Covid-19 and the smallpox vaccine works for it.” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio at Akasaka Palace.

What about monkeypox, a rare virus now confirmed in the United States and Europe?

The president said he believed the United States had an adequate supply of the smallpox vaccine “to deal with the possibility of problems.”

The World Health Organization has identified cases of monkeypox in at least a dozen countries where the disease is not usually endemic. It is a disease commonly found in Central and West Africa, although recently, several European countries – as well as the United States, Australia and Canada – have reported cases.

On Sunday, Biden told reporters traveling with him on his five-day Asia tour that the monkeypox was a matter of concern that if it spread it would have consequences. Administration officials said Biden had been briefed on the disease.

While the world is still struggling to control the coronavirus epidemic that has killed more than 1 million people in the United States alone, experts warn that Covid-19 and MonkeyPix are different. Monkeypox, for example, does not spread easily in humans, unlike the highly contagious coronavirus.

Meanwhile, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, studies have shown that the smallpox vaccine against monkeypox is at least 85 percent effective. The CDC says the United States has licensed two vaccines to prevent smallpox, one of which is specifically approved for monkeypox.

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