North Koreans confirm first death by fever – RT World News

The death comes just days after North Korea officially admitted its first cowardly case.

North Korean officials have confirmed several deaths from a mysterious fever outbreak, including one that tested positive for Covid-19 – the country’s first confirmed coronavirus case since the epidemic began.

Thousands of North Koreans have fallen ill with an unknown disease in recent weeks, state-run KCNA reported Thursday, citing officials. Six of them died, including a carrier of the Covid-19 Omicron variant.

“A fever whose cause has not been detected explosively has spread across the country since the end of April, and in a short time more than 350,000 people have contracted the fever,” he said. The number of new infections rose to 18,000 on Thursday alone, the outlet said. About 188,000 people are currently in quarantine and receiving medical treatment.

North Korea has declared a state of health

The agency gave more details about the outbreak and stopped blaming Kovid-19 as the cause of death in less than 24 hours of the first publicly confirmed coronavirus infection in North Korea. Officials have previously claimed that strict border closures and other control policies have successfully pushed the country away from the global epidemic.

The first confirmed case has a trigger “Emergency Quarantine System” Across the country on Wednesday, the government pledged to tighten controls across the country “All institutions and all sectors of the country, including party, administrative and economic institutions at all levels.”

During a visit to the government’s emergency epidemic prevention headquarters on Thursday, national leader Kim Jong-un argued that there was an outbreak of fever. “A flaw in the anti-epidemic system,” Noting that the lawsuits have spread to the capital city of Pyongyang and elsewhere. Kim had previously criticized health officials “Ignorance, laziness, irresponsibility and incompetence” One day before the first confirmed covid infection was announced.

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