Norway: At least three people were injured in a ‘random’ stabbing

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Copenhagen, Denmark – A random attack on a village near the Norwegian capital has injured at least three people with a knife – one of them seriously – police said on Friday.

The culprit has been arrested, police said, adding that they were alerted at 7.48am

The incident took place in Nare, a village in the Newmedal Valley, not far from Oslo. The Norwegian broadcaster TV2 reported that several ambulances, including an air ambulance, were at the scene and that there were numerous police vehicles.

It is not immediately clear where the attack took place in the village. NewMedal School confirmed the incident on its website and said its crisis management team was assisting police and following up with students and staff at the school.

William Scott, who was delivering goods in the area, told VG that he saw an injured woman lying on the ground.

“At first I thought it was a collision because there was a big pool of blood on the ground,” he said.

TV2 quoted an eyewitness as saying that the victims of the bloodshed came running from behind a convenience store. According to TV2, a pool of blood was seen in the asphalt.

The mountain village is located 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Konsberg, where five people were stabbed and four others were injured when Aspen Andersen Brathen attacked strangers with a bow and arrow and a knife in October.

Anderson Brathen pleaded guilty at the start of his trial on Wednesday. He also faced 11 assassination attempts for attacking the 26,000-strong former mining town of Konsburg.

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