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Preliminary results show that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is 30 points ahead of VP, the daughter of current President Duterte.

Although the official results of the Philippine presidential election will not be known for some time to come, preliminary results reported on Monday in more than 94% of the constituencies show that Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. has an unwavering leadership over current VP Leni Robredo.

Meanwhile, Sara Duterte-Carpio is far ahead of any other candidate in the vice-presidential race.

Incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte could not run for office because of limitations, but his daughter chose to run for vice president. Also known as “Mother Sara,” He received more than 30 million votes, or more than 61% – far ahead of second-placed Francis. “Kiko” 8.9 million (18%) with pangilinan.

Ferdinand “Bangbang” Marcos won by a narrow margin over Robredo, but as of Monday evening he had 14.3 million (28%) to 30 million votes (58.8%). Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao turned his fame into 3.4 million (6.7%) votes, ranking third.

Large crowds of Filipinos gathered outside Marcos’ campaign headquarters at EDSA Boulevard in Manila on Monday evening, chanting slogans. “Bongbong, Sara!” And happy with their apparent victory, the New York Times reported. Marcos called on them to be patient.

“Not over yet,” He noted that the official vote count has not yet been finalized. “Let’s keep an eye on our vote. And if I’m lucky, I look forward to your continued support and trust. “

Twitter has suspended accounts supporting the son of a former dictator

Bambang’s father, Ferdinand Marcos Sr., ruled the Philippines from 1966 to 1986, before he was forced into exile and died three years later. His wife Imelda gained notoriety for collecting shoes that amounted to 3,000 pairs.

Imelda and Bangbang were allowed to return in 1991 and eventually returned to politics. Marcos Jr. made a career in the province of Ilocos Norte on the island of Luzon until he was elected senator in 2010. He ran for vice-president in 2016, but lost to Robredo by nearly 260,000 votes. Her mother represented Ilocos Norte in the Philippine House of Representatives until 2019.

Duterte himself ran for a Senate seat. The candidate he originally supported was Christopher “Bang” Go, withdrawing from the race in November 2021, set the stage for a showdown between Marcos and Robredo.

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