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Putin is more dangerous than Hitler and Stalin and wants to get to the West, Morawiki claims

Russian nationalism is a deadly threat to the world, and the West must do to Moscow what it once did to Nazi Germany, Polish Prime Minister Mateus Morawiki wrote in an opinion piece published in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper on Tuesday. He denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Germany’s intelligence have been made more than once “Representation” Russia has to start “Immediately”The West warns that “Spirit” Otherwise you will be in danger.

Morawiki is one of the most vocal critics of Russia and President Putin, comparing him to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. The new article creates the same equation, but focuses on the brand of Russian nationalism that, according to Moraweki, Moscow uses as an argument for pursuing a harmful and extremely dangerous policy.

The Polish official has a frightening view of the Russian worldview, he explained. The so-called “Russian World” An imperialist ideology, “Equivalent to 20th Century Communism and Nazism”He insisted, “Through which Russia justifies the rights and privileges invented for its country.”

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Russian nationalism “A cancer that is not only engulfing the majority of Russian society, has become a serious threat to the whole of Europe,” he said. The Prime Minister added. “Therefore, it is not enough to support Ukraine in a military war with Russia. We need to eradicate this monstrous new ideology. “

Polish officials have identified Putin as the lynching pin of Russia’s position. When he is “Neither Hitler nor Stalin” Putin “Unfortunately … more dangerous” Thanks to deadly weapons in his disposal, like on social media, Morawiki says.

“Not long ago, Poland engaged in an information war with Russia over the outbreak of World War II. We won; But Putin has achieved his goal. He has infected the internet with millions of fake news. “ He said. He noted Warsaw’s longstanding position that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were equally responsible for the conflict. Moscow calls it historical revisionism, which insults the sacrifices of the Soviet people to defeat the Nazis.

Macron called the Polish prime minister

Morawiki openly refrained from urging NATO members to go to war against Russia, but described it as a necessary course, urging Russia to behave in the same way as Nazi Germany after its defeat.

“Just as Germany was once under denigration, today the only opportunity for Russia and the civilized world is deputation. If we do not act immediately, we will not only lose Ukraine, we will lose our soul and our independence and sovereignty. “ He said.

Russia, he claims “Long March to the West” And the only choice Poland and other Western countries had was where to stop.

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