Questions and sniffs on the eve of the Cannes Film Festival

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KANS, France – Two years after the epidemic, the 75th Cannes Film Festival continues with a familiar dose of controversy and some new snaps as it prepares for its biggest rally on the French Riviera since the 2019 edition.

Preparations for the croissant were in full swing on Monday before the opening of the festival. The festival is set to begin on Tuesday with “The Artist” director Michelle Hazanavicius’ zombie film “Z”.

But before things started, the festival was already in full swing. Hours before the festival’s artistic director Thierry Framax addressed the media on Monday, the Hollywood trade deadline posted an article about how he could not publish an interview with Framex when he requested a change in his answers on issues including female filmmakers and whether to listen. Never again a Roman Polanski film host.

“The festival not only demanded copy approval as a condition of interview with Fremox (something that no other festival or organization has asked us), but after promising not to change the copy, it is removing content with potentially uncomfortable answers. Related to Controversial Filmmakers, ”read the Deadline story.

A festival that prides itself on celebrating freedom of speech, it was an awkward start that Cannes hopes to be a common celebration. About 35,000 film professionals are expected by May 17-28, including a few shiny Hollywood titles, including “Top Song: Maverick” and Buzz Luhrmann’s “Elvis.” Frémaux, however, did not see this as a problem.

“There is no self-censorship and of course no censorship,” he told reporters. “Of course, I try to keep an eye on myself when talking to reporters.”

“If I want to change something, I change it,” he added. “I can re-read the way I was reported and I can change my mind if I want to.”

Fremax, however, said he did not want to be the story.

“It’s a Cannes Film Festival press conference. It’s not a school for journalists,” he said. “You ask me any questions. They shoot at me.”

A journalist then asked Fremax about the ear record with female filmmakers, a matter of long-running controversy. Last year, French filmmaker Julia Ducornau became only the second female director to win the prestigious festival’s top award, the Palme d’Or, with the body horror thriller “Titan”.

This year, there are five women in the lineup of 21 films for the Cannes competition. This is similar to the previous height of the ear but lags behind the percentage obtained as some other international festivals which has made diversity a central priority.

“I don’t think there are very few women in the competition,” Fremox said. “25% women and 25% women applied in the competition.”

Fremox suggests that discussions about gender equality in films are often unfairly made and that festivals select films based solely on their quality. She described the advancement of women in film as an important evolution in filmmaking but it is still being uncovered.

“Should we decide to give priority to women directors today? Will you answer that? “He posed for the reporter.” What kind of orthodoxy, what kind of rules should there be? There is no quota. “

On the eve of the festival was otherwise marked by ticket problems for festival goers Cannes began implementing a digital system last year but in 2021 there was a much lower presence. The system crashed on Tuesday. Fremax says hacking robots and trying to buy 1,000 tickets per second has made the problem worse.

“We have a much better system this year,” Fremax said with a pause for sarcastic cheers. “I mean, we have to have a better system.”

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