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A company’s discourse policy prevents employees from discussing the issue so that the meta becomes a ‘hostile work environment’

Meta workers have been warned against discussing abortion in the workplace, a company internal Facebook clone, workers told The Verge on Thursday. To justify the ban on discussions on the issue, which has apparently been in place since 2019, the company quoted a “Increasing risk“The company to be seen as a”Adverse work environment.

Rowe vs. Wade's decision is not about abortion.  It's about preserving a republic

The rule in question prevents employees from talking. “Opinions or debates about right or wrong abortion, availability or rights of abortion and political, religious and humanitarian views“Company”Respectful communication policy“State, according to Verge.

While some employees support the policy, others have gone so far as to say that management has passed around the Supreme Court in light of the recently leaked draft opinion, noting that it runs counter to the company’s policy on other controversial issues. Including the Black Lives Matter, the immigration controversy and the LGBT issue.

Human Resources VP Gen Gall argued in an all-party meeting on Thursday that the abortion was “The most divided and reported subjectBy employees in the workplace, indicating that “Even if people are respectful, and they try to be respectful about their views on abortion, it can make people think that they are being targeted on the basis of their gender or religion.“The subject is”A unique thing is the type of trip that lines up in almost every instance in a protected class“She is OK.

Gayle’s views were not publicly shared – a number of comments about the policy posted by staff were censored during the meeting – but senior executive Naomi Glitt agreed with Gayle’s decision in an internal post, explaining that “At work, there is a lot of sensitivity around this topic, which makes it difficult to discuss at work

Meta employees are only “allowed to discuss the matter”With a trusted coworker in a personal setting (e.g. live, chat, etc.)“Or”In a listening session with a small group of up to 5 like-minded people to show solidarity“Employees should use meta apps in their personal capacity instead, and they should feel comfortable with the fact that corporations pay for their reproductive health care wherever they live in the United States,” Glitt said.

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Meter Public Face is very much in favor. COO Sheryl Sandberg calls abortion “One of our fundamental rights“Announced on his own Facebook page that”Every woman, no matter where she is, must be free to choose when and where she will be a mother

However, Meta and its predecessor, a 10-year veteran of Facebook, wrote in another internal post that the company’s suffocating rhetoric policy on abortion made him feel “A strong feeling of silence and isolation in the workplace“Specifies that the previous attempt to share these feelings has been removed and” the process has been described. “Dealing with respectful communication policy“Like”Inhuman and dystopian

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