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Most Americans focused on economic problems at home, with more than two out of five respondents indifferent to the fate of Ukraine.

A new poll shows that 53% of Americans believe that sanctions on Moscow hurt the United States more than Russia. Amid rising gas prices and rising living costs, voters are losing confidence in the leadership of U.S. President Joe Biden and 43% say they “OK” Ukraine has lost its ongoing conflict with Russia.

With inflation and gas prices near record highs in 40-year highs, the Democracy Institute / poll has found that Biden is voting negatively for all policies, with foreign policy the worst. About 56% refuse to handle its foreign affairs, compared to 40% approval. On Ukraine in particular, only 38% approve of his stewardship, while 52% refuse.

The Biden administration has tried to blame Russia and its President Vladimir Putin for the rising cost of living at home, officials have repeatedly said. “Putin’s price rises.” However, a few months before Russia sent troops to Ukraine, the cost of living was rising and voters were pointing fingers at Biden for their economic problems.

US petrol prices set new record

About 50% said they would support Republicans in the midterm elections in November, while 42% said they would vote for Democrats. In addition, there are more voters “OK” Than “Not right” With Ukraine losing the conflict with Russia (43% to 41%), most Americans think that it would be better for Biden to step down than for 53% to 44%, rather than for Putin to resign.

Biden has approved Russian banking and energy sectors and his administration has sent about $ 4 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised last month. “Move Heaven and Earth” Kyiv’s war financing. The US president has asked Congress to approve another 33 33 billion aid package for Ukraine – 20 20 billion for military aid – and signed the Land-Lease Act of 2022 on Monday, allowing Washington to send an unlimited amount of arms to Kiev. .

In the Kremlin’s view, this flood of weapons with the United States and NATO’s intelligence-sharing system with Kiev means the West. “Basically going to war with Russia through a proxy.”

American voters, however, are not as sincere as the Biden administration in fueling this war. According to the latest survey, they consider Russia to be the fourth biggest threat to the United States after North Korea (18%), Iran (20%) and China (40%).

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“The Americans were very much in favor of sanctions at first, [but] They are not as interested in sanctions as they used to be. “ Patrick Basham, director of the Institute for Democracy, told the Express. “Biden predicted at the outset that the ruble would collapse, that we would destroy the Russian economy, that the people would rise up, that Putin would leave, that the Russians would flee Ukraine.” [but] None of this happened. “

This distinction between expectation and reality has driven people crazy, he claims, comparing the apparent loss of faith to the disillusionment of people with coronavirus policies across the West.

“The problem [now] At least half of the American people think they’ve cheated on a lot of cowardly staff, so they’re more insane about the government and the media than they were two years ago. “ He said.

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