Spain will give three days monthly leave every month: report

Spain will approve a law next week that would offer three days off a month, the report said.

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The Spanish government is preparing to pass a law that offers three days of monthly leave for workers who experience severe period pain, according to several media reports.

The reform is part of a set of proposals related to reproductive health and was first reported on Wednesday by the Spanish radio station Cadena SER.

Other proposed measures include enabling girls between the ages of 16 and 17 to have abortions without their parents’ consent.

In addition, the bill further proposes that educational institutions must provide women’s hygiene products. Women who are more likely to experience “menstrual poverty”, as well as women in prison, will be given access to women’s hygiene products. The bill would also eliminate sales duties on these products.

The proposed law is due to be approved by the Spanish government next week, and other reports suggest Spain will be the first Western country to offer a monthly holiday.

Japan, South Korea and Zambia are among the few countries already offering monthly vacations.

A survey of about 43,000 women in the Netherlands published in 2019 found that 85% had experienced a painful period, a condition also known as dysmenorrhea.

In March, when discussing legislation, Angela Rodriguez, Spain’s secretary of state against equality and gender-based violence, told El Periodico in Spain that while “serious period pain problems cannot be medically resolved, we believe it is very wise to have them there.” A temporary disability associated with the problem. “

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