The 25-year-old went from $ 40K to $ 115K in 3 years তার his negotiation strategy

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In this installment, a 25-year-old shares how he earned $ 115,000 working as a senior data analyst in Alexandria, Virginia.

Hannah Williams has no problem sharing how much she does. He does not mind asking other people about their salary.

During the day, Williams, 25, works as a senior data analyst and earns $ 115,000 per year.

In her spare time, she advises on personal money and career on social media and recently launched Salary Transparent Street, a video series where she asks strangers on the street how much they do in an effort to promote “equal pay through transparent conversation.”

It all started with his own job journey through five roles in three years and more data is needed to determine how much he should be paid.

He went from $ 40,000 to $ 90,000 but still received a lower salary

Williams studied business management at Georgetown University, graduated in 2019 without a big lead, and took a telemarketing job that paid $ 40,000 a year. Two months later, and by “dumb luck,” a small government contractor finds his resume on the college’s job board. Williams was hired as a junior data analyst at $ 55,000 a year.

Eight months later, Williams went to a career fair and landed a new job with a large consulting firm that paid $ 72,000 a year.

He didn’t enjoy it but stayed for a year, then actually got another new job. It felt like a big opportunity – a jump to the senior data analyst and a বেতন 90,000 salary – and, like every job change before, he didn’t think to discuss.

“I thought I’d hit the jackpot,” Williams said. “I was, oh my God, I’m rich. I’m only 24, I thought I had the world in front of me, and I thought I was making crazy money.”

But the celebration was short-lived. Soon, Williams’ co-worker was fired, and he worked twenty-four hours a day for the two of them. Her mental health has taken a dip. She is ready to ask for a raise, has researched online and has made other people aware of her job and experience in the DC market. Was earning $ 110,000 a year.

He brought his data to HR but refused the request for extension. Instead, he can sue for a 2% increase after one year.

How he views his company changes instantly. Williams left almost without a backup plan but instead, equipped with data, earnestly began looking for a new job.

He got আরও 5,000 more by asking a question

Williams actually got fired and started going to interviews. This time, she knew exactly what she should have made.

But every information went the same way: HR would ask for his salary expectation, he would answer based on market information that he wanted $ 110,000, and they would say it was more than the budget.

“I was tired of that conversation,” Williams said. So during an information, he flipped through the script and used a discussion technique that he heard but never tried. When asked by the employer for his salary expectation, Williams instead posed: “What is your budget for the role?”

The employer responded, unprepared: $ 115,000.

“At the time, I’d be happier than anything between $ 105,000 or $ 110,000. So I thought he had saved me one – because I wouldn’t bother asking for more than that,” Williams said.

He collected himself and was brief and concise in his response: “It works for me.” Williams traveled through interviews, accepted the job, and started in November 2021.

Talking about people’s salaries

By now, Williams knew the power to negotiate pay. She has tried to talk to friends about it in the past, but they will not hesitate to share their own numbers. “It really clicked for me that these conversations should take place outside of our group of friends,” Williams said, “and they should be part of our society – something that is no longer forbidden.”

So, according to Williams’ statistics, he can also keep his own data in his two ticktack accounts, discussing career advice and salary transparency. To her surprise, strangers on the street were quick to open and share their own numbers for her video series.

He wishes he had a similar wealth before. “You go to college and learn everything you need in your career,” she says. “But I’ve never done a course that taught me how to conduct market research, how to discuss my paycheck, how to understand 401 (k) or an IRA – all these key elements of being a professional.”

His greatest advice for determining the salaries of others is to do market research, whether online or through private conversations: “Those numbers completely change your outlook.” For her, it took the fear of the unknown or the feeling that it might be taken advantage of.

Williams now feels good about his earning power, and most importantly, to advocate for himself. “I’m only 25, and I’m proud to be able to share what I’ve learned with others. The unconventional professional path I’ve taken has really worked for me, and I encourage others to get out of it. They think that path follows them. It should be, because you never know where it will take you. “

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