The conference of US Conservatives has started in Urban Hungary

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BUDAPEST, Hungary – Dozens of prominent conservatives from Europe, the United States and elsewhere gathered in Hungary on Thursday to attend the American Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, for the first time in Europe.

The incident represents the depth of the relationship between the American right and the authoritarian government of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Urban.

Now in power for 12 years, Urban has sparked controversy in the European Union by calling his democratic institutions “liberal democracies”, but has gained some praise for his tough stance on immigration and his rejection of the LGBTQ issue and liberal pluralism.

In his inaugural address to the two-day conference on Thursday, Urban called Hungary “the base of conservative Christian values ​​in Europe” and called on US conservatives to defeat the “domination of progressive liberals in public life,” as he did in Hungary.

“We need to take our institutions back to Washington and Brussels,” Urban said. “We must find allies in each other and coordinate the movements of our troops.”

The CPAC conference is just the latest in a series of partnerships between the Urban government and American rights. On the conference’s website, the CPAC referred to Hungary as “an engine of conservative resistance to the awakening revolution” aimed at “facing the onslaught of the left.”

An American proponent of this Hungarian perspective is Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who broadcast from the Hungarian capital Budapest for a week in 2021, interviewing Urban and praising the country’s policy on immigration and the LGBTQ issue as a model followed by United. States

In his speech Thursday, Urban praised Carlson – who had previously delivered a video message to attendees – as the only American media personality willing to stand up against “liberal media rule.”

Urban has called on the conservative movement to gain more control over the media, as he has done in his own country – despite much criticism from EU and international observers.

“We can only show the insanity of the progressive left if we have the media to help us,” Urban said.

Hungary has been fined by the EU for violating the rule of law, including the return of judicial freedom and freedom of the media, and failure to tackle corruption.

The EU and human rights groups have expressed concern about recent policies that limit the rights of LGBTQ people, describing Urban as “gender insanity” on Thursday.

Yet the authoritarian leader has found common ground with the American right on many of these issues. After being sworn in for a fourth term as prime minister on Monday, Urban echoed the controversial theories supported by Carlson when he described “suicide attempts” by more liberal European governments to implement the “Great European Population Replacement Program.” He “wants to replace missing European Christian children with immigrants.”

The conference in Budapest will also be attended by a number of American right-wing figures from the Republican Party, a branch of former US President and Urban ally Donald Trump.

Matt Schlap, chairman of the American Conservative Union, and American conservative media personalities Candace Owens and Ben Ferguson, as well as members of right-wing European parties such as Marine Le Pen in France, and members of the Spanish Vox party were scheduled to speak. .

Former United States President Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows will address the conference via video link with Republican lawmakers from Florida and Maryland.

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