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Rising energy bills have prompted more people in the UK to burn wood in their living rooms

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) said on Monday that rising energy bills could lead to an increase in internal fires as more people are forced to resort to alternative ways to heat their homes.

A fire broke out at a house in New Malden in late April, prompting a stern warning that “An open fire is being used instead of gas central heating,That means a resident was apparently burning wood in the open fire in his living room.

With more than 100 fires involving open fires, log burners and heaters in the last few months alone, the brigade fears that expensive energy bills could lead to an increase in fires as people resort to alternative ways to heat their homes during the winter months. Years,The LFB said in a statement.

Acknowledging that people are living. “In difficult timesFirefighters have issued a set of recommendations for those who prefer to use log burners or open fires for heating. These include using fire guards, keeping combustibles away and ensuring the presence of carbon monoxide alarms.

The British have been told to prepare for a 'really terrible' winter

You can’t taste, see or smell the smoke of carbon monoxide, but it can kill you in minutes. Please do not risk using fire treated wood. Not only do they produce toxic fumes, but they are also more likely to spit embers when burned, which can ignite nearby objects.Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety Charlie Pugsley said.

Keith Anderson, CEO of Scottish Power, said the energy bill could rise in the next few months, “Massive increase in debt levels.

We’re going to a really scary place where no one wants to be,“She said.

Anderson’s comments follow similar warnings from the heads of other UK power companies. They revealed in April that four out of 10 people in Britain could fall into fuel poverty when the price cap rises again in October.

UK government calls on fuel companies “Support of their customers“As a Minister”Manage the impact of high global gas prices. “

We acknowledge the pressures that people are facing on the cost of living, which is why we have set out a £ 22 billion aid package, including discounts and reduction of energy bills.“It simply came to our notice then.

Global energy prices have been rising for the past six months, but the West’s economic stagnation with Moscow – following Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine – has exacerbated the problem. The United Kingdom has joined the United States and the European Union in imposing sanctions on Russia, Europe’s main energy supplier.

Gas prices have risen sharply in recent months, especially in the UK. However, some consumer groups have complained of higher price increases than necessary to strengthen their own balance sheets at the expense of consumers.

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