The King of Jordan, in a condemnatory public letter, has condemned his honest brother Yuvraj

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BEIRUT – Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Thursday issued a royal decree restricting the communication and movement of his half-brother Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, whom Jordanian authorities accused of taking part in a coup attempt against the king last year.

In a lengthy, gruesome letter explaining the decree to the Jordanian public, the king called his honest brother “arrogant”, “unwilling” and a traitor. Hamzah, the king writes, “squandered all opportunity to recover himself in the right way” and clung to confusion, believing himself to be the sole guardian of the family’s inheritance.

The letter – an extraordinary public broadcast of a family feud – was the latest twist in a royal drama that began more than a year ago, when Hamzah was placed under house arrest and charged with plotting a coup with Bassem Awadullah, a former top collaborator. To the king, and to Sharif Hasan, a little known member of the royal family. The decree, issued on Thursday, appeared to impose restrictions on Hamzah’s movements.

The allegations were followed by widespread arrests targeting about 20 high-ranking Jordanian officials. In July, a Jordanian court convicted Awadullah and Hassan of sedition and incitement to be involved in a “dispute scheme.”

While his country is struggling, King Abdullah of Jordan is secretly isolated

Badshah said the court had not addressed Hamzah’s role, whose case would be settled within the family.

Hamzah then posted a post on the anniversary of his arrest last month Letter on Twitter Announcing that he was relinquishing his title – a move that apparently displeased the king. In his letter on Thursday, Abdullah rejected Hamzah’s move, saying that under the Jordanian constitution, only the king has the power to grant and snatch titles. Abdullah added that his honest brother, after relinquishing his title, sent him a personal letter “asking him to maintain financial and logistical benefits.”

Behind Abdullah’s accusation of violence and open nature was the suggestion that Hamzah was not only a traitor: but, as the son of King Hussein and Queen Nour, he was a prominent monarch who alleged that King Jordan was enriching himself by suffering. , Found an audience. Economic hardship, a booming public sector and rising unemployment have created growing challenges for Abdullah and served as a rallying point for critics, some of whom have called for Hamzah to replace the king.

Hamzah said in a video posted online during his detention that “the welfare of ordinary Jordanians has been put in second place by the regime.” [that] It has decided that its personal interests, its financial interests, its corruption are more important than the lives, dignity and future of the more than 10 million people living here. “

In the letter, however, Hamzah was accused of serious crimes. Abdullah said Hamzah knew that Awadullah and Hassan “went to the two foreign embassies to ask about the possibility of supporting their countries, which he described as regime change.”

Jordan’s King Abdullah signals end to royal conflict after alleged coup attempt

“It has become clear that the prince is living in the imagination created by the people around him that despite his young age and limited experience, he alone has inherited this great legacy,” King wrote.

“We do not have the luxury to deal with Hamzah’s erratic behavior and aspirations,” he continued, adding that the country faces many challenges that need to be addressed.

Following the publication of the King’s letter, Hamza’s mother, Rani Noor, posted a thin, veiled critique on Twitter. “Something really bizarre and unfamiliar with fictional stuff is being promoted at the moment,” he wrote.

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