The Pentagon is investigating

No one was blamed for killing 64 civilians in the airstrikes, a report said

An internal Pentagon investigation has revealed that a 2019 airstrike that killed 64 civilians in Syria did not violate U.S. employment rules or war laws and was not carried out. “Indigent negligence.” Some military officials believe the Pentagon is still working to bring the ISIS fighters out, which they believe was a war crime.

On March 18, 2019, a U.S. F-15E fighter jet dropped a bomb “A huge crowd of women and children gathered on the river bank” The New York Times reported last November that survivors had been killed near the Syrian city of Baghdad, followed by several more.

The US Central Command acknowledged that 80 people had been killed in the strike, of which only 16 were alleged Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists. The military has admitted killing four civilians but insisted the remaining 70 could be terrorists. “Islamic State women and children occasionally carry weapons.”

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The NY Times reports that US forces have killed dozens of people in Syria. The reality is even worse

Nevertheless, an investigation was launched and, according to a report completed last week, “No Rules of Engagement (ROE) or War Law (LOW) have been violated.” The report said that the US commander on the ground worked to target ISIS militants and try to separate civilians from the militants.

Despite the fact that dozens of civilians were killed in the attack, the military said in a statement “Steps have been taken to reduce the damage.”

An early New York Times report claimed that officers watching the strike through drone cameras panicked and questioned whether they had witnessed war crimes. In addition, the site of the explosion was bulldozed and there were internal reports of strikes “Delayed, Sanitized and Classified,” The Times claimed.

However, a recent report from the Pentagon stated that the Pentagon was not available “Malicious or malicious intent” Delays in reporting the incident were behind, and no evidence was found that the military tried “Hide decisions or actions.”

The full text of the Defense Department’s report, including the final number of civilian casualties, remains classified. Only a two-page summary was published for the public.

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin endorsed the report on Tuesday, but in a memo to military commanders called on them to ensure that future reports are compiled in a more timely manner. Austin, who oversaw a drone strike in Kabul last August that killed 10 civilians, including seven children, announced “Protecting innocent civilians … is a strategic and moral obligation.”

Austin has refused to punish any member of the military for attacking Kabul after an Air Force report found no violations of the law.

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