The Prime Minister of Hungary has accused the EU of abuse of power

Victor Urban vowed to move his country away from the “suicide wave” of the West

In a speech to lawmakers, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused Brussels of abuse of power and vowed to resist the EU’s agenda.Gender frenzy and a liberal Europe. “

On Monday, Urban took the oath of office after being elected for a fourth consecutive term in April. In his usual manner, the Prime Minister did not utter a harsh word while addressing Parliament.

“Brussels is abusing its power every day, and it wants to impose on us something we don’t want.The Prime Minister said.

According to Urban, the EU leadership seeks to undermine and build the sovereignty of member states. “Europe is the United States.”

Cultural isolation is growing between Western and Eastern Europe“Urban has claimed.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Hungary’s bid to stay in the European Union.An independent and sovereign country.

We are not a member of the European Union because it is as it is, but it can be“He explained.

The current decade is predicted to be a “Age of danger,“Given the potential for security, war, epidemics and increased migration, Urban promised that he would resist any attempt by the West to involve Hungary.”Suicidal waves

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Hungary is blocking EU sanctions on Russian oil – Bloomberg

“In front of us, in the picture of the decade of war, there are suicide waves of the western world“As an example,” said Urban.Suicidal waves“He noted the need to repatriate an insufficient number of Christian children through the arrival of immigrants, as well as”Gender madness and a liberal Europe agenda.

In this situation, the path has to be paved for Hungary“Before ensuring that his compatriots will be able to resist attacks on their national identity and heritage, because these areCarved with hard wood.

Reacting to the European Union’s sixth package of sanctions, which includes a gradual embargo on Russian hydrocarbons, in response to Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, Urban assured parliament that his country would not stand in the way of new security sanctions against Moscow Does not threaten for. Stressing that Budapest should maintain an independent policy within the European Union, Urban argued that this applies to NATO membership.

NATO is a strong supporter, but it will not save Hungary for us … The most urgent task is to strengthen the Hungarian army and turn it into a real army,The Prime Minister stressed.

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