The United States is having trouble finding Asian countries willing to launch missiles aimed at China.

What was supposed to be a sarcastic headline is actually an example of the quiet part being loud

A Raymond L. A satirical imprint of ‘Foreign Policy’ magazine, written by Bloodthurst Jr., has recently spread on the Internet. It is as follows: ‘We are having trouble finding Asian countries willing to launch missiles into China.’ The subtitle then denounced China’s neighbors for being “no”Democratic enoughThousands of lives were sacrificed in this endeavor.

This is obviously fake, although some people who shared it did not examine it very closely and believed that it was real – and a journalist. “RumorsBeat, who apparently works for the Voice of America, took to Twitter Thread OK about the post, it can be really hard to blame the users who promoted the sarcastic headline because it is at least partially based on reality.

As it turns out, a highly influential American nonprofit global policy think tank, a recent article by the staunch non-satirical RAND Corporation, has taken exactly the same right as the satirical headline. RAND Wrote About his report on Twitter: “A U.S. strategy in the Indo-Pacific region that relies on an ally to permanently host ground-based medium-range missiles is at risk of failing due to the inability to find a willing partner.”

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The USS port passes through the Royal Taiwan Strait.  © US 7th Fleet
The United States has angered China over its Taiwan mission

Part of the report outlining the main results lists U.S. allies in the region, such as Thailand, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Japan and Australia, and discusses how each of them would be reluctant to accept U.S. GBIRM – for whatever reason. “Historic” Reluctance or opposition from China. It does, however, offer that “The most likely strategy to succeed would be to help Japan build an arsenal of ground-based, anti-ship missile capabilities.” This will be the first step for Japan to adopt GBIRM, it says.

It appears that the irony was not far off. In fact, what it did manage to do was to criticize RAND’s position by saying no, which is a good irony. It invites us to ridicule this position because of how unreasonable it is. Yes, the idea of ​​the United States deploying medium-range missiles around China is ridiculous, and it just seems silly when you mention the logical conclusion of this policy.

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US Navy / Global Look Press
The new US strategy seeks to arm Japan against China

I’m reminded of a dramatic principle, Chekhov’s gun. The idea is that a writer must contribute to the overall narrative of every detail of a story or play. Authors should not make false promises in descriptive essays: details that may create misleading expectations should be omitted, where inclusions should ultimately be involved in resolving the narrative. In short, you should never introduce a gun into a story that you are not ready to use.

The reality is not always consistent with the industry (although we can see that real news headlines and satire are sometimes no different), but one has to wonder whether these GBIRMs are not one of Chekhov’s guns. Otherwise, why would the United States want to keep such weapons with China if they are not ready to use them in practice?

This is why it is such a provocative move – because the placement of these missiles around China essentially implies that they could be used against China. If anything, the threat of that power is inherently coercive and undermines China’s sovereignty and independence. This necessarily means that any country that chooses to possess such a weapon will be involved in this threat, that is, they must be. “China is willing to launch missiles.”

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Taiwanese troops operate a 240mm howitzer during a military exercise in May 2013 on Matsuo Island.
Taiwan has been frozen by US arms contractors

Such a policy is extremely destructive and undermines world peace. China is a nuclear-armed state that, despite having a more restrained nuclear policy than other nuclear powers, will use them if they are involved in a conflict. Meanwhile, the United States is likely to go to any lengths to win a direct confrontation with China. After all, the United States was the only country to use nuclear weapons in the war by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan at the end of World War II.

We see that provoking a conflict between these two countries could eventually lead to a nuclear war, a result that does not benefit anyone and only threatens our very existence as an organized life on this planet. This is why people are provoking this policy – because it is completely perverted. If any country around China does not want the United States to have a medium-range missile, it will be a positive development for humanity.

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