The United States prioritizes arms supplies to Ukraine over aid – RT World News

White House calls on Congress to pass both, but arms deemed more urgent for Ukraine

Democrats will propose a separate 10 10 billion coronavirus fund to speed up the approval of about 40 40 billion in weapons and other aid to Ukraine. “Critical” Deadline, U.S. President Joe Biden said Monday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi originally funded Covid-19 treatment, testing and vaccines in a $ 33 billion proposal for supplementary assistance to Ukraine. Republicans, who strongly supported Ukraine’s funding but had problems with how the Kovid funding proposal would affect border policy, threatened to block it in the Senate.

In a statement Monday, Biden said he would decide to split the bill if it receives funding from Ukraine – which has since raised another 8 6.8 billion – to be approved quickly.

“We cannot delay this important war effort. So, I am ready to admit that these two measures have been removed separately so that the Ukrainian aid bill can reach my desk immediately. Biden says.

“This assistance has been critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield. We cannot allow our aid shipments to stop while we wait for Congress to take the next step. We’re almost ten days away from this critical deadline, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. He added.

Ukraine 'aid' bill which is actually a license to kill and cheat

Biden said the Americans had to help fight the virus “Equally important” Like helping Ukraine “More Americans will die unnecessarily.” Without timely funding. The US will miss new treatments and “The next generation vaccine under development,” As well as falling behind “Our efforts to help low-income countries [Covid] Weapons vaccine “ The President added.

Democrats wanted to use the Covid fund to get rid of Title 42, a policy that allows the United States to turn away or deport immigrants who cross the border illegally due to the epidemic. Republicans objected.

They have not objected to spending more money on Ukraine, but according to a roll call, they have agreed to provide সহায়তা 3.4 billion in food aid and another 4 3.4 billion to the US military to replace equipment sent to Biden from Pentagon stocks. The Ukraine bill is still being finalized, and could appear in the House early on Tuesday.

Earlier Monday, Biden signed the Ukraine Democracy Defense Land-Lease Act of 2022, a WWII-era plan to supply arms and other equipment to the Kiev government, approved by Congress in late April. The signing was set for the day Russia would celebrate its victory over Nazi Germany in World War II – which Biden completely ignored, instead choosing and praising for establishing a predecessor to the EU in 1950. “Allies defeat the curse of fascism in Europe” May 8 – The date on which the Nazis surrendered to US and British troops on the continent, but not to the Soviets.

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