Twitter to increase censorship over Ukraine

Posts about the Ukraine conflict will be labeled or removed if “experts” designate them as “misinformation”

Twitter rolled out an update of his “Crisis misinformation policy” On Thursday, it said it would label warnings in posts about the conflict in Ukraine that meet certain criteria, limiting their ability to view, share or like. The announcement comes just a day after the US government resigned “Jar of confusion” Nina Jankovich, who advocated for the ability to edit other people’s tweets.

The policy will be applied worldwide and will guide Twitter’s efforts “Improve trustworthy, authentic information,” And “Help ensure that we do not spread or recommend viral misinformation during a crisis.” Says Joel Roth, Head of Safety and Integrity at the company.

Some have been posted as soon as evidence is found “Can be confusing,” Twitter will label it with a notice and will not extend or recommend it in the Home Timeline, Search and Explore tabs. Priority will be given to warning notices “High profile account” Such as those nominated “State-affiliated media,” Verified users, and official government accounts.

Some misinformation will be required “Verification from multiple credible, publicly available sources, including evidence from conflict monitoring groups, humanitarian agencies, open-source investigators, journalists and more.” Roth added.

Roth mentioned as an example “False coverage or event reporting, or information that incorrectly identifies the situation on the ground as a conflict progresses.” False allegations about “On the use of force, aggression on territorial sovereignty, or the use of arms,” As well as “Demonstratively false or misleading war crimes or allegations of widespread atrocities against certain populations.” And lies about “The international community’s response, sanctions, defensive measures, or humanitarian action.”

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File photo: Protesters against Internet censorship.  Alexander Koerner / Getty Images
The US has withheld the ‘Information Board’

However, “Strong comments, debunk or attempts to verify authenticity, and personal anecdotes or first person accounts” Will be exempted.

Of the company Help Center page The policy further distorts the definition, making it clear that Twitter will go after the post “Capacity” Per “Serve as an excuse for more aggression” Or “Leads to an increase in human demand” Ceasefire talks or “Stimulate targeting or surveillance” Of groups based on political, religious, ethnic or ideological affiliation or membership or protected by international humanitarian law.

In order to be labeled, a post must convey a claim or information “Published in specific language,” Stay “Publicly false or misleading, widely available, based on authentic sources” And “May affect public safety or cause serious harm,” According to Twitter.

The focus has been on policy “International Armed Conflict” Such as Ukraine, but Twitter plans to update and expand it in any crisis defined by the UN, Roth explained.

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Biden’s ‘true minister’ wants to edit tweets

In October 2020, Twitter infamously locked the New York Post’s account for a story about a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, whose father, Joe, ran for president as a Democrat. The platform first quoted her “Hacked Materials” The policy, then, was the story of the propaganda of the claim “Russian misinformation,” None of which has been proven true.

Despite its nominal neutrality, Twitter has not verified or challenged any claims made by the Kiev government – such as with proven lies. “Ghosts of Kiev” Aerial ace or story “Snake Island 13.” Within days of the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine, however, the platform blocked Russian ads, and since then boasted About the reduction of labeled content “Russian state-affiliatedā€¯Media by 30%, while Russian government accounts cut half the impression and engagement.

Twitter’s new policy comes amid uncertainties over the acquisition of billionaire Elon Musk’s company and its privatization. Accepting Twitter Mask’s $ 44 billion offer, he is now challenging their public filing, citing the number of bots and fake accounts. The founders of SpaceX and Tesla have sent satellite technology to the Ukrainian military, but have spoken out against censorship on Twitter, saying they want to ensure freedom of speech on the platform.

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