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Lawmakers back out of ‘sleeping’ in direct confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are increasingly divided over Washington’s aid pipeline to Ukraine, according to establishment politicians. “I’m happy today” With Russia, members of the populist Freedom Caucus argue that Congress is ignoring domestic priorities when it comes to provoking a nuclear-armed opponent.

The conflict escalated as the House passed a $ 39.8 billion military and economic aid package for Kiev. When Democrats voted in the lockstop to support the spending dilemma, 57 Republicans thumbs down the plan. Representative Dan Cranash (R-Texas), who was among 149 GOP members who voted yes, followed suit on Wednesday. “It strikes me as a good idea to invest in the destruction of our opponent’s military without losing an American soldier.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Georgia) counter-shot that Cranesh was giving a push “I’m happy today.” He added, “You are saying that Ukrainian life should be discarded, as if they have no value, only to be used and discarded. For your proxy war? How does that help Americans? How can any of this help? ”

Ignoring the critical element of Crench Green, he replied, “I’m still going after that slot in Russia Today, huh?”

By playing the Russia card, Krenshaw essentially echoed the democratic response to Green when he spoke out against the Ukraine aid bill on the House floor on Tuesday. Republican Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) has accused him of repeating Russian President Vladimir Putin after Green mentioned that Congress was ignoring internal crises, such as the rise of illegal immigration on the South American border and the acute shortage of child formula. “Promotion.”

The US House of Representatives has approved 40 billion in aid to Ukraine

Green was not the only person to speak out against Washington’s Ukraine policy. For example, Rep. Matt Gates (R-Florida) argued that by increasing aid to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Moscow, President Joe Biden’s administration “Fall asleep” Direct war with Russia when the Americans left “In the dark.”

“It’s as if the administration is investigating Putin’s nuclear red line.” Getz said on Wednesday. “The chicken game in nuclear power is madness, and it’s from Joe Biden, who campaigned for America to be a quiet pacifist.” He added that US weapons were falling into the hands of neo-Nazi “Azov” fighters, and even Democrats were advancing. “Everyday Snip Hunt” For white supremacy in the United States.

“Just a year ago, we lost the war against the goat breeders by wielding rifles.” Getz says. “We are now in a hurry to fight a nation with 6,000 nuclear warheads.”

Getz mentioned that the rap. Seth Malton (D-Massachusetts) stressed last week that the United States already “Originally at war” With Russia.

“Then why not vote for the use of military force?” Getz asked. “Or are we just going to work in Ukraine like we have in Yemen and around the world – an undeclared war forever.”

I doubt many of these organizations would want a vote or a debate because regime change in Russia is their real purpose, not to protect Ukraine. And to achieve this goal, they are willing to send billions upon billions to Kiev which will give a pocket line to corrupt officials, just as we have done in Afghanistan.

Other conservative Republicans, such as Chip Roy (R-Texas), noted that the huge Ukraine aid bill was presented to lawmakers just hours before the vote was scheduled to take place.

“Why don’t we actually debate on the floor of the People’s House – instead of the পাওয়ার 40 billion bill to get rubbish at 3 in the afternoon – not paid for, without any idea what’s in it?” The huge slash fund that goes to the State Department? “ Roy said. “We have $ 40 billion that is unnecessary, and you want to sit here and talk to this body about what we should or shouldn’t do while standing by Ukraine.”

Like other Freedom Caucus members, Roy Says Congress was ignoring more important issues, e.g. “Wide-open borders, inflation that is killing people, people can’t get jobs because of the price of goods and services in this country.”

“We have a child formula deficit in our home, inflation that is crushing working families and a president who is in the eyes of almost all our opponents.” Said Correspondent Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado). “I would say there are some problems around the house that we need to solve.”

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