Ukrainian leaders warn of dire situation in major eastern city Severodonetsk

Russian troops are “working to remove Severodonetsk from the face of the earth,” a regional official said this weekend, explaining how the city is becoming the eastern epicenter of a month-long Kremlin offensive.

“Every day they are trying to break the defense line,” Luhansk’s regional governor Serhi Haidai said in a Ukrainian-media interview, which he posted on his Telegram channel on Sunday. “Round-the-clock shelling is going on, and unfortunately the Russian army has chosen a tactical ground against the city of Severodonetsk: they are only systematically destroying the city. There are constant shootings.

After claiming the southeastern port city of Mariupol on Friday, the Kremlin has concentrated troops on Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region, which the Luhansk governor described as an “outpost” that held Russian forces and cut off time for other regions.

“This, on the one hand, allows our troops in the Kharkiv region to liberate our territories more easily; And on the other hand, the Donetsk region gets a little more time to build forts, “says Haidai.” But we cannot say that it is peace and tranquility in the Donetsk region: it is under constant shelling, rocket fire, airstrikes, relentless attempts to break the defenses near Liman. . “

As Moscow tanks fired on residential buildings as they descended on the streets of the eastern Ukrainian city, Haidai said, “simply removing Severodonetsk from the face of the earth.”

The Washington Post could not be reached for comment Sunday evening.

Haidai, a Channel 24 reporter, was asked if the Russian troops would “calm down” if their attack on Severodonets was successful.

“No, of course not,” Haidai said. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing Gets ‘Calm down’ means where they stop Found Off. “

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