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Water scarcity in developing countries could trigger growing climate refugee crisis, report warns

Drought has increased by 29% in one generation, according to a United Nations study released on Wednesday, which observes that the problem is accelerating. In line with the 15th Annual Parties Conference hosted by the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, “Drought in the 2022 issueThe report reveals that drought is responsible for only 15% of natural disasters but 45% of disaster-related deaths, including an encyclopedia of other disturbing statistics.

From 1998 to 2017, droughts cost the world 124 billion, the report found. They also claimed about 650,000 lives between 1970 and 2019, and the report warns that more than 2.3 billion people are currently living in waterlogged conditions, including 160 million children. In the United States alone, the economic losses from the 1980s are estimated at $ 249 billion.

If the drought worsens, 700 million people will be at risk of becoming climate refugees by 2030 if the problem is not addressed, the report warns. By 2040, a quarter of the world’s children will live in places where “Extreme“Water shortages, and by 2050, three-quarters of the population could be similarly affected. Although 3.6 billion people now live in areas where there is a shortage of water for at least one month of the year, that number could rise to 4.8 billion or even 5.7 billion by the middle of the century.” .

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Altogether, crop failures, rising sea levels and worsening droughts combined with overpopulation could force 216 million people to flee their homes, reportedly exacerbating the existing refugee crisis and attacking governments unprepared for such a catastrophe.

As for the solution, Ibrahim Thiao, executive secretary of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, focused his efforts on land reclamation, suggesting that governments could create a viable landscape. “The nature of imitation“With”Effective ecosystemHe cites the example of Niger, where farmers have rebuilt agro-forestry on 12 million acres over the past two decades, as a success story.

Africa suffers more from drought than any other continent, with the United Nations recording nearly 300 severe droughts in the last century – about half (44%) of the world’s total. However, due to its large population, Asia is the continent with the highest number of people at risk of drought. In addition, due to the severe drought in Australia in recent years “Mega fireWhich killed or displaced three billion animals before the Kovid-19 epidemic hit the continent from 2019 to 2020. Even Europe is said to be increasingly affected by arid agricultural losses, like North America, where the South American Amazon rainforest is expected to lose 16% of its remaining mass by 2050 if behavioral patterns are not changed.

Thiayo called on the United Nations to act in accordance with its predictions, risk assessments and actions before the situation becomes unstable. He said effective precautionary measures, adequate funding and political will were needed to get the job done – no small demands from an organization with 196 member states. No matter how humanity deals with the problem, the world is facing it. “An upward trend in drought duration and impact intensity“She writes,”It affects not only human society but also the ecosystem on which all living things, including our own species, depend.

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Other solutions proposed in the report include common goals of the United Nations, such as reducing meat consumption and land use, and increasing surveillance of both nature and human activities.Early warning measures“Establishing artificial intelligence to assess and manage problems, declaring large areas of land restriction for human use, using narratives to express desired social behavior, and building ultra-national control systems as a last resort around uncooperative local politics, is very similar. The United Nations has called for climate change.

Only storytelling about drought can make an impact, a 2017 case study found – putting 100 drought stories on the news cycle in two months has reduced household water use in California by 11 to 18%. In the end, the company hopes to recover one billion hectares. “Decline“Land by 2030 and deal with it in advance”Risk of increasing drought, sand and dust storms, fires and other disastersIn many cases, by removing people from the equation – that is, “Future-proof land use against the effects of climate change.

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