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More than half are concerned about maintaining their standard of living, according to a Gallup poll

Americans are obviously more concerned about their personal finances than last year, with a significant portion reporting that they nowToo much“Or”Moderately worriedA Gallup poll released on Monday.

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The poll found that more than half of respondents (52%) expressed concern about maintaining their standard of living, an increase of seven points over the previous year. There has been a sharp rise in concerns about being able to pay their monthly bills, with 40% – an eight-point increase from 2021 – expressing concern about these responsibilities.

Concerns about rent and mortgage payments, credit card bills, and retirement savings also increased by five points – concerns occupying the minds of 35%, 22%, and 63% of respondents, respectively. The only financial problem that was fixed was the medical bill and the payment for their children’s education.

The survey was conducted alongside another survey in the first three weeks of April, which showed that Americans’ personal estimates about their finances were similarly disappointing and revealed that their financial self-image was in a downward spiral amid intense concerns about inflation and energy spending. . However, medical bills and retirement savings are major concerns for most families.

Perhaps surprisingly, financial worries are more common among the poor than among the rich. About three in four low-income adults (73%) are concerned about maintaining their standard of living, an increase of 17 points, with only 36% of the rich sharing these concerns.

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Recovering from the Covid-19 desperation, which had dampened Americans’ financial fears last year, has largely erased that optimism, with many of the negative figures for 2022 matching or even accepting what was reported in 2020.

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